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amazing Garden Hose 100 ft, Non-Expandable Ultra Lightweight & Flexible Water Hose With 10-Pattern Spray Nozzle, Kink-Free, Leak-Proof, Durable Hose Pipe, 3750D High-Density Fabric, 3/4″ Fittings

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Product Description

Ultra Lightweight Garden HoseUltra Lightweight Garden Hose

Introducing Flexisolve 2024 Latest Generation Ultra Lightweight & Flexible Garden Hose – Crafted With Ultra-High Density Weaving Technology and 5-Layer Thickened Premium Inner Core, This Hose Sets A New Standard In Durability, Flexibility, Lightweight, Leak-Proof And Performance.

Non-Expandable Ultra Flexible Water HoseNon-Expandable Ultra Flexible Water Hose

FlexiSolve Ultra-Lightweight & Flexible Garden Hose With 10-Pattern Spray Nozzle

Flexible Garden Hose With 10-Pattern Spray NozzleFlexible Garden Hose With 10-Pattern Spray Nozzle

10 Spray Patterns Nozzle

The Rotating Nozzle To Switch Spray Modes: Mist, Angle, Soaker, Jet, Cone, Shower, Flat, Full, Center, Vertical.

FlexiSolve Premium Garden Hose – Flexible, Lightweight, Tangle-Free, Kink-Resistant, Leak-proof, Anti-Rust

Kink-Free Garden HoseKink-Free Garden Hose

Leak-Proof Garden HoseLeak-Proof Garden Hose

Lightweight & Portable Compact Garden HoseLightweight & Portable Compact Garden Hose

Anti-Rust Garden HoseAnti-Rust Garden Hose



Lightweight and Portable


100 FT Garden Hose100 FT Garden Hose

Package Include:

‎1X Garden Hose, 1X 10 Pattern Spray Nozzle, 1X Thread Seal Tape, 2X Sealing Rings, 1X User Manual

Standard 3/4-inch fittings and a on-off switch valveStandard 3/4-inch fittings and a on-off switch valve

Standard Solid Metal Fittings

It adopts a standard 3/4-inch faucet interface and is equipped with a switch valve for easy operation.

5-layer thickened flexible inner core5-layer thickened flexible inner core

Premium material design

New Generation non-expanding garden hose utilizes 96-layer/spindles high-density 3750D fabric weaving technology and patented 5-layer durable thickened inner core technology.

Upgraded Leak-Proof DesignUpgraded Leak-Proof Design

Aluminum pressure leak-proof design

Both ends of the water pipe adopt aluminum pressure leak-proof design, and the annular protective cover prevents the inner pipe and outer sleeve from being scratched during use. In addition, the hoses can be joined together to increase the length as needed.

100 FT Garden Hose100 FT Garden Hose

Standard 3/4-inch fittings and a on-off switch valveStandard 3/4-inch fittings and a on-off switch valve

5-layer thickened flexible inner core5-layer thickened flexible inner core

Upgraded Leak-Proof DesignUpgraded Leak-Proof Design

garden hosegarden hose

How to Extend Garden Hose Lifespan:

Monitor Water Pressure: For best performance, we recommend maintaining working water pressure within the range of 3~6 bars/43.5~87 PSI; Avoid exceeding 12 bars/174 PSI for prolonged use.

Release Pressure: When you have finished watering, avoid leaving it pressurized for an extended period. Release internal pressure promptly.

Prevent Punctures: When in use, take preventive measures to avoid the inner tube being punctured from shrubs, stones, or other sharp objects.

Store Properly: Store the hose in a cool place to prevent damage from extreme weather, thus extending its lifespan.

Normal Hose Behavior: During operation, slight retraction of the hose may occur, which is normal. we’ve increased the original length of the hose to ensure it functions at its intended length under normal water pressure.

For further details, please refer to the user manual.

✅【Incredible Lightweight, Flexibility, Kink-Resistant Design】: The garden hose is crafted with 3750D tear-resistant super strong polymer and a 5-layer flexible inner core. It is 50% lighter than traditional garden hoses, making watering tasks effortless even for children and the elderly. Thanks to its unparalleled lightweight, flexibility, and anti-tangling functionality, it effectively solves the frustrations of bulkiness, tangling, knotting, and difficult storage.
✅【Upgraded 10 Function Spray Nozzle】: The water hose is equipped with a 10-function nozzle, featuring an ergonomically designed anti-slip textured handle and a rotating switch, allowing you to select spray modes as needed. These 10 functions include full, angle, shower, mist, center, flat, cone, jet, soak, and 1/2 VERT modes. It is suitable for various scenarios such as watering lawns, plants or seedlings, car washing, cleaning yards, carpets, bathing pets and more.
✅【Upgraded Leak-Proof Design】: The flexible garden hose features innovative weaving technology with a denser fabric, effectively preventing punctures to the inner tube. With a 5-layer thickened flexible inner core, it ensures exceptional flexibility and durability, while also enhancing leak resistance and tear strength. Furthermore, both ends of our hose are equipped with double clamps and triple aluminum pressing technology, ensuring excellent leak-proof performance.
✅【Convenient and Efficient】: Our garden hose comes equipped with standard 3/4-inch fittings and a on-off switch valve, allowing you to change nozzles or attachments without having to return to the water source. With its tangle-free design and lightweight structure, it effectively reduces pressure on your arms and back when moving or storing the hose. Its lightweight and user-friendly features truly enhance your watering experience, making gardening tasks more efficient and effortless.
✅【Lifetime Warranty】: the FlexiSolve garden hose break through the limitations of traditional hoses, offering a new hose that is lighter, Ultra-flexible, kink-resistant and leak-proof. we’re committed to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. each hose undergoes rigorous quality inspection before sale, and we offer a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. please feel free to contact us – we’re here to help.


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