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awesome Lawn Aerator Coring Tool Plug Aeration Manual 3 Core with Slope Top Half-Open Slot Hollow Tine Plug Core Aerators Heavy Duty Tool for Soils and Lawns Yard Garden

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🌱What is Aeration?
Lawns are notorious for becoming compacted over time. The dense matting of grass as well as constant foot traffic cause soil to become dense, making it harder for air, nutrients, and water to reach the roots of your lawn. Aeration is one way to solve this problem. By punching little holes into the soil, you’re giving roots access to the essential resources they need (water, air, nutrition).

🌱The Benefits of Aeration
Most of these apply to core aeration and not just dethatching: Soil absorbs more water
🏆Reduces soil compaction
🏆Thatch breaks down easier
🏆The lawn is more resistant to heat and drought stress
🏆Oxygen uptake of soil increases
🏆Stronger root development
🏆Fertilizer and nutrients in the soil are more easily used by grass
🏆Water runoff decreases significantly.

🌱How to Aerate Your Lawn?
If you’re set on aerating your lawn, there are a few tips to help you do it correctly:
Make sure your soil is moist. Aerating a lawn that is dry will make your job a lot harder, as the force required to pull out the plugs is much greater in dry soil. Wait until after a rain or a sprinkler run to aerate.
Allow your soil plugs to dry, then break them down. It’s not necessary to manually break down your soil plugs, but it does help speed up the process. You can run a rake over them to break them down.
Run over your lawn more than once. Most aeration machines or manual aerators don’t cover much surface area, so it’s a good idea to run over each section more than once for full coverage.
Continue to care for your lawn. Aeration doesn’t solve everything — you still need to mow, fertilize, water, and care for your lawn.
💡💡💡【VERSION INNOVATION】The 1st manual lawn aerator to adopt the reinforced bilateral connection groove structure, the reinforced connection buckle is locked up and down. 6 thickened screws achieve 3++ protection, avoiding the loosening of screws caused by poor welding or long-term use like other lawn coring aerators. The elliptical flat tube makes the grip feel better, 1.6mm thickness, stronger load-bearing structure, max weight capacity:250lbs, suitable for most garden experts.
🌱【UPGRADED ULTRA-SMOOTH PROCESS】heat treated carbon steel + Low voltage electrostatic spraying Surface + plasma cutting process. The surface and interior of Hermsche Lawn Plug Aerator have been polished at 2,000+ revolutions /min, coupled with fast and even spraying technology, the thickness of the coating film is light and uniform, providing our Lawn aerating tool with an extremely smooth and unblocked working environment. Highly Anti-oxidation, to prevent the erosion of wind and rain.
🌱【ENHANCED DESIGN, EXTREMELY SHARP & SMOOTH】3 coring sections, 0.87″diameter + 4.2″ length replenishes sufficient moisture while protecting the soil from damage. 1.2mm Double-layer thickened inner cores, NO worrying about deforming. Semi-OPENED + Arc-Seal top coring section + NOZZLE TIP reduces the friction between the soil and the digger inner, thus the soil is easier to be formed and pressed out with 90% less chance of clogging. Easily inserting, improving work efficiency & saving effort.
🌱【COMFORTABLE ANTI-SLIP FOOT BAR + HANDLE】A Popular 31.8″ height Hermsche plug aerator for lawn, with flat feet bar with cross-over non-slip stripes, you can comfortably complete the aeration of the whole garden without using any strength of your hands. our coring aerator will make the soil fall down before it touches your feet, so no need to worry about soiling your shoes. The glass fiber T-bar handle adds the comfort of dethatching and durability, letting you enjoy the fun of manual aeration.
🌱【DIFFERENT GRASS, DIFFERENT SOIL】For warm-season grasses, aerate later in spring. For cool-season grasses, aerate at the beginning of spring. By aerating in the growing season, roots re-establish themselves in new soil. Hermsche core aerator is suitable for most grass and soil types. Including Bluegrass, Centipede Grass, Zoysia Grass, Carpet Grass, etc. Whether it’s dry or wet soil, clay soil, silty Soil, loamy Soil, we can help you to perfectly finish each year’s aeration with a lawn aerator.


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