Discover the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Andrew’s Sherway: Your One-Stop Destination for Fashion and Lifestyle Needs

Andrews Sherway

Discover the ultimate shopping experience at Andrews Sherway. Find the latest fashion trends, accessories, and home decor all in one place.

Andrews Sherway is not just your average shopping destination, it’s a retail haven that offers an unparalleled experience to its customers. From the moment you step foot into Andrews Sherway, you’ll be greeted with a warm and welcoming vibe that immediately puts you at ease. The store boasts an impressive collection of designer clothing, accessories, and footwear that cater to both men and women. But what sets Andrews Sherway apart from other retailers is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service. With a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand, you can be sure that you’ll receive personalized attention and expert advice on all your fashion needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Andrews Sherway a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts.

Welcome to Andrews Sherway


Andrews Sherway is a luxurious rental apartment building located in the heart of Etobicoke, Toronto. The building offers spacious and modern suites with an array of amenities that cater to the needs of residents. Designed to offer comfort, convenience, and luxury, Andrews Sherway is the perfect home for those who desire a premium lifestyle.

Location and Accessibility


Andrews Sherway is situated in a prime location, just minutes away from the famous Sherway Gardens shopping mall, which offers exceptional shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The building is also located near major highways (QEW and 427) and public transportation (TTC and GO Transit), providing easy access to downtown Toronto and surrounding areas.

Suites and Floor Plans


Andrews Sherway offers a range of spacious and modern suites, each designed to provide an optimal living experience. The suites feature high-quality finishes, floor-to-ceiling windows, and large balconies with stunning views of the city. The building offers 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom floor plans, ensuring that residents can find the perfect space to call home.



Andrews Sherway boasts a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs of its residents. The building features a fitness center, a yoga studio, a party room, a games room, and a rooftop terrace with BBQ facilities. In addition, the building has a 24-hour concierge service, a pet spa, and a bike storage room.



The safety and security of residents are of utmost importance at Andrews Sherway. The building is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, including surveillance cameras, secure entry points, and a 24-hour concierge service. The building also has a secure parking garage with controlled access and a car wash bay.

Pet-Friendly Building


Andrews Sherway is a pet-friendly building, allowing residents to bring their furry friends with them. The building has a pet spa, providing a convenient place for residents to groom and pamper their pets. The building also has a pet relief area, making it easy for residents to take their pets out for a walk.

Green Living


Andrews Sherway is committed to promoting sustainable living and reducing its carbon footprint. The building features energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and a green roof, which helps to reduce the building’s energy consumption. In addition, the building encourages recycling and composting, making it easy for residents to do their part for the environment.



Andrews Sherway fosters a strong sense of community among its residents. The building hosts various events and social activities throughout the year, providing opportunities for residents to connect and build relationships with their neighbors. The building also has a resident portal, allowing residents to stay connected and informed about building news and events.

Rental Rates and Availability


Rental rates at Andrews Sherway vary depending on the size and type of suite. The building offers competitive rates compared to other luxury rental buildings in the area. Availability changes frequently, so it’s best to contact the leasing office for the most up-to-date information.



Andrews Sherway is a luxurious rental apartment building that offers spacious and modern suites, an array of amenities, and a prime location. The building is designed to provide residents with a premium lifestyle, offering comfort, convenience, and luxury. Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom or a 3-bedroom suite, Andrews Sherway has something for everyone. Contact the leasing office today to schedule a tour and experience the luxury of Andrews Sherway for yourself.

Andrews Sherway: A Luxurious Living Experience in the Heart of Etobicoke

Andrews Sherway offers a luxurious living experience in the heart of Etobicoke, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre. With easy access to major highways and public transportation, it is conveniently located for anyone looking to shop or do business in the area.

Location and Accessibility

The location of Andrews Sherway is one of its greatest assets. Situated in the heart of Etobicoke, it is just minutes away from major highways such as the Gardiner Expressway and Highway 427. Public transportation options are also abundant, with easy access to bus routes and the nearby Kipling subway station.

In addition to its convenient location, Andrews Sherway is also close to a variety of local attractions. The Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre is just steps away, offering an unparalleled shopping and dining experience. The property is also conveniently located near major attractions such as the Toronto Pearson International Airport and Lake Ontario.

Contemporary Interior Design

The interior design of Andrews Sherway is modern and tasteful, with high-end finishes and attention to detail evident throughout the building. The inviting lobby sets the tone for the rest of the property, with its sleek design and comfortable seating areas.

The suites at Andrews Sherway are also a highlight, featuring spacious layouts and large windows that let in natural light. The kitchens are well-appointed with stainless steel appliances, making it easy for residents to whip up their favorite meals.

Spacious Suites

The suites at Andrews Sherway are generously sized, ranging from one-bedroom to two-bedroom plus den options. Each suite features high ceilings and well-appointed kitchens, providing residents with a comfortable and functional living space.

The large windows in each suite provide stunning views of the surrounding area, while also letting in plenty of natural light. The spacious layouts make it easy for residents to entertain guests or simply relax in their own private oasis.

Array of Amenities

There is no shortage of amenities at Andrews Sherway. The stunning outdoor pool and hot tub provide the perfect place for residents to soak up the sun and relax. The well-equipped fitness centre is also a highlight, offering a variety of equipment and classes to help residents stay active and healthy.

For those who enjoy hosting events, there is a party room available for use. The cozy lounge is also a great place to relax and unwind after a long day.

24/7 Concierge Service

Andrews Sherway offers 24/7 concierge service to ensure that residents receive the highest level of service. The friendly and professional staff are available to assist with everything from package delivery to restaurant recommendations.

This added convenience provides peace of mind for residents, knowing that they have someone available to assist them at any time of day or night.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Andrews Sherway is a pet-friendly community, meaning that furry friends are welcome. This is a rare find in the rental market, and it makes the property an attractive option for those who love their pets as much as their human family members.

The property even has its own pet spa, making it easy for residents to keep their pets clean and groomed.

Covered Parking

Residents of Andrews Sherway don’t have to worry about finding parking on the street, as there is ample covered parking available on site. This provides added convenience and peace of mind, especially during the colder months when snow and ice can make street parking difficult.

Sustainability Initiatives

Andrews Sherway is committed to sustainability, with a variety of green initiatives in place. Energy-efficient appliances are used throughout the property, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs for residents.

The property also has green roofs, which help to improve air quality and reduce stormwater runoff. A comprehensive recycling program is also in place, making it easy for residents to do their part in reducing waste.

Professional Property Management

The property management team at Andrews Sherway is experienced and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They are available to address any concerns or issues that may arise, ensuring that residents feel valued and well taken care of.

With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and commitment to sustainability, Andrews Sherway offers a truly unparalleled living experience in Etobicoke.

Andrews Sherway was a man of great ambition and determination. He had always known that he wanted to make a name for himself in the business world, and he was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals.

From a young age, Andrews had shown a natural talent for entrepreneurship. He would come up with innovative ideas for products and services, and he was always looking for ways to improve upon existing businesses. As he grew older, he began to put his ideas into action, launching several successful ventures that brought him both wealth and recognition.

But Andrews was never satisfied with his achievements. He knew that there was always more he could do, more challenges to overcome and more opportunities to seize. And so, he continued to push himself harder and harder, always striving for greater success.

Despite his many achievements, Andrews remained humble and focused. He understood that success was not something that came easily or without hard work, and he was always willing to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve his goals.

Through his hard work and determination, Andrews became a respected figure in the business world. He was known for his innovative ideas, his strong leadership skills, and his unwavering dedication to his work.

Today, Andrews Sherway is a legend in the business world, a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks. His story serves as an inspiration to countless entrepreneurs around the world who aspire to follow in his footsteps.

Point of View

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  2. His success is a result of his unwavering dedication to his work, his ability to think outside the box, and his willingness to take risks.
  3. Andrews is a humble and focused individual who understands that success is not something that comes easily or without hard work.
  4. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs around the world, showing them what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks.
  5. Andrews Sherway is a legend in the business world, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Andrews Sherway, one of the premier apartment communities in Toronto. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our property, from the luxurious amenities to the exceptional customer service provided by our dedicated team.

At Andrews Sherway, we understand that your home is not just a place to live, but a reflection of your lifestyle. That’s why we offer a wide range of floor plans to suit every need, from cozy studios to spacious three-bedroom apartments. Each unit is thoughtfully designed with high-end finishes and modern appliances that cater to your comfort and convenience.

As a resident of Andrews Sherway, you’ll have access to a world of exclusive amenities that elevate your living experience. Take a dip in our indoor pool or unwind in the sauna after a long day. Host a barbecue at our outdoor grilling stations or catch up on work in our business center. Whatever your lifestyle, we have something to offer.

Thank you again for considering Andrews Sherway as your next home. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to our community soon. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly leasing team.

People Also Ask About Andrews Sherway

  1. Who is Andrews Sherway?

    Andrews Sherway is a real estate agency that helps clients buy and sell properties in the Greater Toronto Area, with a focus on Etobicoke and Mississauga. They have a team of experienced agents who are knowledgeable about the local market and committed to providing excellent customer service.

  2. What types of properties does Andrews Sherway deal with?

    Andrews Sherway deals with a wide range of properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and commercial properties. They work with both buyers and sellers, and can help clients find the right property for their needs and budget.

  3. What sets Andrews Sherway apart from other real estate agencies?

    Andrews Sherway prides itself on its personalized service and attention to detail. They take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and goals, and work closely with them throughout the buying or selling process to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. They also have a deep knowledge of the local market and can provide valuable insights and advice to clients.

  4. Does Andrews Sherway offer any additional services?

    Yes, Andrews Sherway offers a range of additional services to support clients throughout the real estate process. These include home staging, professional photography and videography, and marketing and advertising support to help properties stand out in a crowded market.

  5. How can I get in touch with Andrews Sherway?

    You can contact Andrews Sherway by phone, email, or through their website. They offer a free consultation for new clients, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about buying or selling a property.

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