Expert gardener Peter Dowdall’s easy hack to make your flowers keep their colour & live longer

Gardening expert Peter Dowdall shares how to prolong the colour in your garden this summer, help your plants to live longer and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

In July and August the garden is running at full tilt. In August then you start to see the beginning to be the first few signs of a slowdown and the change of the seasons but it’s really those months where you get to enjoy the fruits of the garden. Everything is in flower, the garden is full, alive with insect and bird life and really vibrant. You can prolong the colour in your garden as long as possible by deadheading your flowers and feeding them with good organic plant feed as they’re finishing their first flush of flower. Read more: Garden expert’s top tips for growing your own herbs If you don’t deadhead and feed they’ll just fade away and they’ve done their thing. But if you do you’re promoting more flowers and more growth. If you have bedding plants, deadheading just means pinching out the dead flowers to promote new flowers and growth. Keep them well watered and if necessary, if they’re in pots or containers, keep them well fed with the good organic plant feed. With your flowering perennials you want to be deadheading and consider staking them to keep them upright and stop them from falling…

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