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Great 2 Pack Solar Bee Traps for Outside, Wasp Trap Hanging, Hornet Traps, Yellow Jackets Killer, Bee Wasp Catcher Outside Garden

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Solar Wasp Trap Outdoor Hanging

What problem are we solving?

Stingmon is a team dedicated to solving the problem of wasps and flying insects at home.

What makes our products unique?

Our products are efficient, safe, suitable for all kinds of weather, and plus cute styling. All of our products have been tested before they are officially launched, and we have received satisfactory feedback from most of our customers.

Why do we love what we do?

We start from interest, with professional technology, hoping to help more people to solve the problem of wasps and flying insects, bring a more comfortable life.


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Multi-purpose: our carpenter bee traps outdoor hanging are available in green and orange, you can choose the most suitable color of hornet killer according to the actual situation. And the disposable yellow jacket traps are suitable for different styles of outdoor use, such as home, garden, orchards, farms. Carpenter bee traps for outdoors can effectively isolate the rain, snow, wind, water.
Highly effective: the solar powered wasp traps outdoor hanging attract wasps and insects to collect water and honey with dual enter tunnels and one on each side. And the outer of the carpenter bee traps for outdoors is larger than the inner design. The wasp that entered the wasp traps outdoor hanging cannot escape. The carpenter bee trap for outside uses high-quality materials and is very durable.
Solar panel: supported by solar panels, the carpenter bee traps for outside can be charged during the day and run smoothly at night. Not only can you catch bees or hornets efficiently with our bee traps outdoor hanging, but you can also save energy. In addition, our bee catcher trap outdoor comes with a blue UV light that automatically emits a warm glow to catch flying insects in the dark.
Durable product: the bee traps for outside is made of durable plastic and stainless steel. The carpenter bee traps outdoor hanging resist rust and heat. In addition, the disposable yellow jacket traps can add a few sugar water or honey into the wasp trap and hanging bee catcher on the places which have lots of insects. And you will easily and quickly resolve the rid of annoying wasps.
Upgraded hornet trap: this wasp trap is completely upgraded. It has a unique and beautiful yellow shape. The wasp trap has multi-entry design allowing more wasps to enter the trap. The entrance of the trap is large and the exit is small, and wasps entering the trap will not be able to escape.


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