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Great Solar Fountain Pump – 2W Solar Water Fountain with 6 Nozzles, 6.3″ Solar Fountain for Bird Bath, Outdoor Solar Water Pump Solar Powered Fountain for Garden, Ponds, Pool, Fish Tank, Aquarium

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Product Description

High-efficiency 2W Solar Fountain Pump – Outdoor Solar Water Pump Solar Powered Fountain for Garden, Ponds, Pool, Fish Tank

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

Our solar fountain pump is made of premium 75% ABS+10% EVA+10% Polysilicon +1% Rubber + 4% Epoxy Resin, that can supply up to 2W of power, save energy, and require no batteries or electricity, simply by placing the water dispenser in direct sunlight. Get the latest solar water pump that adds vitality to every garden and a great water source for your bird friends throughout the summer.

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

Why Choose Our Solar Fountain Pump?

High efficiency and Environmental protection: driven by solar energy, it can work in the sun in just 3 seconds without any pollution.Various water patterns: The fountain contains 6 different nozzles, which will produce different spray shapes and spray patterns.Wide application: suitable for bird bath, fish tank, pond, swimming pool, garden, outdoor and oxygen circulating water.Durability: With filter box, the water pump is not easy to be blocked.Fixed position: The fountain is equipped with 3 detachable brackets to prevent the fountain from approaching the edge of the basin and to prevent the water in the basin from being emptied.

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

Different Nozzles Correspond to Different Water Types

Our solar fountain pump has 6 spray heads, different spray modes, choose any spray mode you like. Birds, butterflies and other small animals will be attracted here to make your garden more vibrant and beautiful.

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

Specification of The Solar Fountain for Bird Bath

Spray Height: 30-55cm/12”-21.7”

Diameter: 6.3”

Solar Panel: 2W

Quantity of Nozzles: 6 Nozzles, for choosing different water style

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

Warm tips:

Make sure to place the fountain in direct sunlight.The stains on the solar panel need to be cleaned regularly.Please keep the pump below the water surface at all timesThe water needs to be changed regularly to prevent the water pump from being blocked.The first time you put it inside the water, please press the fountain into the water below the surface in order to expel the air from the pump.

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

💦HIGH-EFFICIENCY SOLAR FOUNTAIN – This 2W solar fountain pump is solar-powered and work immediately in sunlight, and the more sunlight, the better of effect. The fountain with the unique design in the middle, which is both practical and stylish, will bring you unexpected beauty and will also attract many hummingbirds to your garden, making your garden more vibrant.
💦6 VARIOUS SPRAY NOZZLES – The solar fountain for bird bath contains six different nozzles that produce different spray shapes and patterns. You can use different nozzles according to different scenarios, which can avoid splashing or emptying water from the container. Depending on the nozzle design, water can rise from 12” inches to 21.7”.
💦DETACHABLE BRACKET – Our solar bird bath fountain is equipped with an installable bracket that protects the solar fountain from collisions and holds the fountain in the center of the birdbath, preventing the fountain from getting close to the edge of the birdbath and preventing water from splashing out of the birdbath.
💦ECO-FRIENDLY & MULTIPLE OCCASIONS – This solar fountain does not require any power battery, does not require additional power supply, and is very friendly to the environment. With a diameter of 6.3 inches, this environmentally friendly solar fountain pump is ideal for bird baths, fish tanks, ponds, swimming pools, gardens, outdoor, oxygen circulating water. It is ornamental and can provide fun for your garden.
💦USAGE ADVICE – 1. Please make sure that you have poured enough water into the basin before use so that the fountain can be completely submerged. 2. Make sure to use it in clean water and clean the solar fountain regularly to avoid blockage by impurities. 3. Keep the solar fountain pump clean, the shading of leaves and stains will cause the bird bath fountain solar power to not work properly. 4. It does not store any energy and will rest at night to ensure a longer life.


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