Herbal Tea Garden Plants

This will ensure that the flavors are released and the full benefits of the herb's or flower's qualities are available. Here are some other great herbal tea plants to grow or forage for homemade tea.

5 Plants You Need to Create Your Own Herbal Tea Garden

Just stick a handful of your greens in a pot and pour boiling water over them.


Herbal tea garden plants. Some of the more popular of these are: For a beautiful and abundant diy herbal tea garden, there are many different plants you can choose from and that you will probably have very good results with. For the most flavor, cut parsley when the stems have at least three segments of leaves.

Rosehip tea has a tart, fruity flavor and is packed full of nutrients such as vitamin c, calcium, and zinc. Mint is a great herb and its tea is both aromatic and soothing. To help you get started, here are a few tea plants for a garden that will bring you fresh, delightful herbs cup.

Your tea garden will allow you to sit among these beautiful creatures while enjoying your herbal tea creations. Instead, when you grow your own, you can have a limitless supply for free. Sweet woodruff (galium odoratum) 8 plants planted 12 inches apart;

In may topped with clusters of tiny white flowers. Planting an herbal tea garden that thrives in zone 3. Even birds and butterflies delight in the seeds and nectars that the plants produce.

It’s even easier than running to the store for soda. Herbal tea typically needs to steep for longer than black, green, or white tea. Using tea leaves in the garden can lead to healthier plants.

You don’t have to buy herbal tea in those expensive packages where the tea costs more than $35 per pound. Below is a suggestion of five plants for your herbal tea garden. Excellent combined with strawberry leaves.

For a truly diverse herbal tea garden, consider the following plants. Let steep for a few minutes and you have your tea. Other plants for tea gardens.

Plus herbal teas have that wonderful added benefit of having zero calories. It’s best to start with a small number of your favorite herbs and flowers and expand as you find what you use the most of. Its dried leaves make a mild, woodsy tea;

Use your favorite tea herb plants to create your unique tea garden design. The ones listed above are great staple herbs for any herbal tea garden, although there are many more i recommend keeping on hand, whether you grow them in your garden or forage them wild. What’s even better is brewing tea out of fresh plants is insanely easy.

Pour the boiling water over the herb leaves in a teapot, cover, and let it steep. If you can grow a mixed variety of plants in your herbal tea garden you should be able to find the type of tea that best suits your taste buds. Tea plants for a garden.

Growing your own tea in an herbal tea garden is smart for your health and smart for your garden. Rose petal tea is full of vitamin c to boost immunity and can help ease the pain of menstrual cramps, plus it has a lovely floral flavor. Although a little more complicated to pick, it will provide a kick of flavor to your cup of tea.

You can use rose petals and rosehips to make tea. 6 to 12 inches tall;

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