I use an ‘aggressively pink’ kiddie pool as a gardening tool – it was only $5 and keeps my deck clean

A GARDENING pro said he uses an unexpected product to keep his garden clean. A bright pink kiddie pool might seem like it’s meant for little girls to splash around in, but it actually serves as the perfect set-up space. 3 Alex Calamia is a gardening pro who uses TikTok to share his tips for wannabe green thumbs Credit: alexcalamia/TikTok 3 He said an unlikely product – a pink kiddie pool – has kept his gardening process mess-free Credit: alexcalamia/TikTok Alex Calamia ( @alexcalamia ) is a self-proclaimed plant lover who is passionate about climate change, science, and gardens. Often sharing his simple tips to inspire those who want to give gardening a shot, the green thumb said his latest $5 purchase is one that has kept his process mess-free. “One of my favorite garden tools is this aggressively pink kiddie pool,” he began in the clip . Although it might seem to stick out like a sore thumb in his lush yard, he only uses it for prep and then can store it away. “We know potting soil can get things a little dirty, so I decided to use this kiddie pool to pot up plants in my house…

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