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Roses are a classic and beautiful addition to any garden, but they can also benefit from being accompanied by other plants. When choosing what to grow with roses, it’s important to consider plants that will complement their beauty, provide beneficial companionship, or offer practical benefits such as pest control or soil improvement. In this article, we will explore some of the best plants to grow alongside roses.

Companion Plants for Roses

Companion planting is the practice of growing different plants together for mutual benefits. Here are some companion plants that pair well with roses:

  • Lavender: Lavender is not only visually stunning when paired with roses, but it also attracts beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Additionally, the strong scent of lavender can help deter pests.
  • Marigolds: Marigolds are known for their pest-repellent properties. They can help keep aphids, nematodes, and other harmful insects away from your roses. Plant them around the base of your rose bushes for maximum effect.
  • Geraniums: Geraniums are another great companion plant for roses. They repel Japanese beetles and other pests that can damage rose bushes.
  • Nasturtiums: Nasturtiums are not only beautiful, but they also act as a trap crop for aphids. The aphids are attracted to the nasturtiums instead of your roses, helping to protect them.
  • Alliums: Alliums, such as onions and garlic, can help repel pests like aphids and thrips. Plant them near your roses to provide natural pest control.

Plants that Complement Roses

When choosing what to grow with roses, it’s also important to consider plants that will complement their beauty and enhance the overall aesthetics of your garden. Here are some plants that pair well with roses:

  • Peonies: Peonies and roses make a stunning combination. The large, showy blooms of peonies create a beautiful contrast with the delicate petals of roses.
  • Clematis: Clematis is a climbing vine that can be trained to grow up and through rose bushes. The combination of the two creates a vertical interest and adds depth to your garden.
  • Salvia: Salvia is a perennial flower that comes in a variety of colors. It can provide a beautiful backdrop to your rose bushes and create a vibrant and eye-catching display.
  • Delphiniums: Delphiniums are tall, spiky flowers that can add height and drama to your rose garden. Their vibrant colors make them a great choice for creating a focal point.
  • Campanulas: Campanulas, also known as bellflowers, have delicate, bell-shaped flowers that complement the elegance of roses. They come in various colors and heights, making them versatile companions for roses.

Practical Plants for Roses

Some plants can offer practical benefits when grown alongside roses. Here are a few examples:

  • Chives: Chives are not only a useful herb in the kitchen, but they can also help deter pests like aphids and black spot when planted near roses.
  • Lambs ear: Lambs ear is a soft, fuzzy plant that can be grown as a ground cover around roses. Its dense foliage helps suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil.
  • Comfrey: Comfrey is a nutrient-rich plant that can be used as a natural fertilizer. By planting comfrey near your roses, you can improve the soil quality and promote healthy growth.
  • Yarrow: Yarrow is a hardy perennial that attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings. These insects can help control aphids and other pests that may affect your roses.


Choosing the right plants to grow with roses can enhance the beauty of your garden, provide pest control, and improve soil quality. Lavender, marigolds, geraniums, nasturtiums, and alliums are great companion plants that offer pest-repellent properties and attract beneficial insects. Peonies, clematis, salvia, delphiniums, and campanulas are plants that complement the beauty of roses and create a stunning display. Chives, lambs ear, comfrey, and yarrow offer practical benefits such as pest control, weed suppression, and soil improvement. By carefully selecting the plants to grow alongside your roses, you can create a harmonious and thriving garden.

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