You may not be watering your garden deeply enough – it’s not a sexy topic but my trick reveals if your soil’s bone dry

A FARMER has revealed how she checks if her plants are getting enough H2O. She joked it’s not a very stimulating topic but important nevertheless for a prosperous garden. The farmer ( @lonelypinesfarm ) shared the video with over 370,000 TikTok followers. “I know, watering isn’t a very sexy topic but it’s SO important for a thriving garden,” she said. “You may think you’re watering deeply in your garden but here’s a way you can test it,” she said. “Next time you’re watering, try pulling out some weeds at the same time,” she advised. She explained that not only do the weeds come out of the ground easier because of the damp soil but it’s a great method to check the moisture level under the surface. “You might be surprised to find that more often than not, under the surface it’s still dry as bone,” she explained. She ripped out a weed and removed a layer of dirt underneath it to expose a patch of dry dirt. People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her tip. “Thank you for this information!” said one commenter. Others shared their own methods for making sure their plants get proper water.…

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